Vocational training and prosthetic support for landmine survivor from Kayah State, Myanmar

Kyaw Ye Aung
Kyaw Ye Aung at the National Rehabilitation
Hospital being fitted with his new prosthetic

Kyaw Ye Aung is an optimistic 24-year-old landmine survivor from Kayah State, Myanmar. With previous World Education support, he had received a pig and television repair tools to raise money to start a small business but demand for his television repair services was not high in his village. Kyaw Ye Aung found that as prices for TVs dropped, so did the need for television repair and as a result, his income dropped as well. Looking for new career opportunities, Kyaw Ye Aung asked WE for support and through the financial support of the Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation, WE was able to cover Kyaw Ye Aung’s transportation expenses to attend an electronics repair training course in Yangon, organized by the Department of Social Welfare. Over the course of the year-long training, Kyaw Ye Aung learned new technical skills, he finished second in his class, and was interviewed by the Yangon-based MRTV 4 channel. In addition, by being part of a course and interacting with his classmates, Kyaw Ye Aung learned to work with and communicate with people from all different backgrounds.

While in Yangon, Kyaw Ye Aung was also able to network with other local and international non-governmental organizations who were able to connect him with the National Rehabilitation Hospital where he received new prosthetic legs. To ensure that Kyaw Ye Aung was able to remain in Yangon and complete his rehabilitation, World Education supported his meal costs with Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation funds. Kyaw Ye Aung is very appreciative of the support he has received and after his rehabilitation is complete is looking forward to heading back to his home town, opening an electronics repair shop, and assisting other landmine survivors like himself.