Wine industry luminaries unite around first-of-its kind auction for urgent climate solutions

Miguel A. Torres, Hugh Johnson and David Pearson to co-chair our 2022 online auction with Christie’s, Rescue the Grapes

The best-known names in the wine world are joining forces for a March 2022 online auction to raise funds for climate solutions.

More than 40 leading wineries are donating rare wines and one-of-a-kind tastings and tours to the inaugural Rescue the Grapes auction which will be live on Christie’s website for two weeks, starting March 15.

The event, founded by GFH Global CEO Arlene Willis, is in response to dramatic changes affecting the industry; historic viticultural regions are being forced to consider new grape varieties and the viability of entire wine regions is threatened. 

“I am honoured to be part of this outstanding initiative by Arlene and Christie’s,” Miguel A. Torres, honorary event co-chair, says. “It is a great example of real action to help winegrowers affected by climate change and support organizations that develop and disseminate climate solutions for the wine sector.” 

Miguel A.Torres, president of Familiar Torres, invites participation in the first annual Rescue the Grapes auction.

Torres is also the co-founder of the International Wineries for Climate Action, a recently launched organization taking collective action to decarbonize the global wine industry.

GFH Global is encouraged by the overwhelming response it’s receiving, including donations from some of the most-celebrated wineries in the world: Prince Robert de Luxembourg, Château Haut-Brion, Marchesi Antinori, OPUS ONE and Napa Vintners.

Hugh Johnson, the preeminent wine writer and event co-chair, applauds Rescue the Grapes as a unique international event for a very worthy cause: “I’m thrilled to be a part of this critical initiative and to partner with my colleagues to ensure significant and urgent strides toward battling climate change.”

GFH Global, long known for its fundraising support of humanitarian causes, will share all proceeds from the auction with organizations developing climate solutions for winegrowers: The Porto Protocol, Tasting Climate Change, Climate Adaptation Certificate Program and Napa Valley Vintners Association as well as long-time partners Yamba Malawi and HAS Haiti.

Developing climate solutions for the global wine industry is an urgent cause that dozens of vineyards – from Europe to New Zealand, to South Africa as well as South America and across North America – are quickly embracing,” Willis says.