Recapping our 20th Anniversary, Fine Wine Dinner, 2023

We celebrated our 20 years of Grapes for Humanity Global at Fine Wine Dinner.

“… Two decades of GFH Global has been an incredible journey, and none of our work would have been possible without the continued and unwavering support of the international wine community. Many leading wine families serve on our honorary board of directors, and their support has been instrumental to our success. We are honored and deeply appreciative of their support as demonstrated by their personal involvement and contributions of their wonderful wines.

 Here’s to Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation, may our work continue to help alleviate suffering across the world.”

-Arlene Willis
CEO and Founder

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As we reflect on the joyous moments of our 20th Anniversary dinner, we extend our sincerest gratitude to the international wine community. Their generous donation of exceptional wines added a level of sophistication and delight that made our celebration truly extraordinary.

Their commitment to producing wines of unparalleled quality and flavor was evident in every sip, contributing to the warmth and camaraderie of the evening. Your support transformed our milestone celebration into an exquisite journey of taste and appreciation.

Thank you for being an integral part of our special night and for sharing your passion with us. Your continued contributions throughout the years made our 20th Anniversary an unforgettable experience. 

Here’s to the artistry of your wines and the memories they help create—may your vineyards continue to flourish, producing bottles of joy for all to savor

Sending a warm thank you to special guests attending the Grapes for Humanity Global Fine Wine Dinner.  Your presence was the highlight of the evening.









Chef Jean-Christophe LePicart was the secret ingredient that made our 20th Anniversary dinner extraordinary! 

His culinary artistry elevated the evening to perfection. Thank you Chef Jean-Christophe LePicart for sharing your talent with us! 

For an encore of his incredible creations, check out Feast & Fêtes Catering from Restaurant DANIEL.