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    Br. Terry Heinrich – Lavalla School RIP

    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Brother Terry Heinrich. We first met Brother Terry during our first trip to Lavalla Orphanage and school in 2001. Throughout the years, Brother Terry and I, along with Michael, Christine and her Mother Viola, developed a very special friendship. In fact, Christine, Michael and I just arrived back from a scheduled trip to Cambodia. It was our fifteenth visit! Our trip was planned many months ago so that we could attend the opening of their new Agriculture Village and Music Center inspired and lead by Br. Terry In his last conversation with me he urged me to continue with our support. We hope to be able to continue raising much needed funds for Lavalla to keep with Br Terry’s legacy. Br Terry was one of the finest gentleman we have ever met and we were happy to have him as our cherished friend for nearly 20 years.

    Br. Terry Heinrich
    Dec. 12, 1945 – Nov. 20, 2018

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    Previews the Large Format Exclusive Vintages for Auction on October 18 at Restaurant Daniel NYC

    October 18 Legends Dinner Auction Item

    One (1) Three Liter Jeroboam of Cristal

    Includes tour of Louis Roederer Champagne and lunch

    Donated by Frédéric Rouzaud

    One (1) Jeroboam Richebourg 2003

    Includes tour and lunch at Maison Louis Jadot

    Donated by Pierre-Henry Gagey

    One (1) Imperial Bottle (6 Liters) of Mormoreto 2013

    Includes lunch at Villa Castello Nipozzano for two (2) couples plus tour

    Donated by Leonardo Frescobaldi

    One (1) 3 Liter Bottle of Solaia 2004

    Includes tour and lunch at Marchesi Antinori with member of Antinori Family

    Donated by Piero Antonori

    One (1) Six Liter bottle of 2010 Opus One

    Two (2) Ao Yun Shangri-La 2013 Magnums

    Includes a 2 day visit to Shangri-La excluding air tickets

    Donated by Jean-Guillame Prats – LVMH

    One (1) Imperial Bottle of Valbuena 2012

    Includes a tour of Vega Sicilia and lunch

    Donated by Pablo Alvarez-Mezquiriz

    One (1) Jeroboam Beaune Clos des Mouches red 2009

    Includes tour and lunch at Maison Joseph Drouhin

    Donated by Laurent Drouhin


    Dinner wines served at October 18 Legends Dinner (to date)

    • 2009 Cristal donated by Frédéric Rouzaud, Louis Roederer
    • 2012 Puligny-Montrachet donated by Pierre-Henre Gagey, Maison Louis Jadot
    • 2003 Solaia donated by Piero Antinori, Marchesi Antinori
    • 2013 Mormoreto donated by Leonardo Frescobaldi, Marchesi de Frescobaldi
    • 2007 Opus One donated by David Pearson, Opus
    • 2014 Ao Yun Shangri-La donated by Jean-Guillaume PRATS, LVMH
    • 2010 Valbuena donated by Pablo Alvarez-Mezquiriz of Vega Sicilia
    • 2013 Chassagne Montrachet white donated by Laurent Drouhin – Maison Joseph Drouhin

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    Eyeglass Frames For Children donated by GFH

    Photos of children at Children’s Surgical Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia wearing the eyeglass frames donated by GFH Global Foundation. There is a real shortage of frames for children at the Children’s Surgical Center, a project we have supported for 15 years.

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    Nepal Region Earthquake Fund

    From the principal of the Marshyangdi School, Sonam Lama:

    Hope you are in good health and doing well. It has been five days now after the devastating earthquake jolts everything in Kathmandu and its surrounding districts. Just now the electricity has restored  at our place and dared to write our very loved once about our situation in Nepal. It’s unbelievable,very devastating and deadly  shocks.  I feared  many students ( around 10 to 15) from Langtang who are still left to  report to school after the session ending’s break. I can’t explain in words how we spent those five days with fear and sorrow.  As the nation is trying to overcome from the deadly shock caused by the 7.9 Richter scale in magnitude during the first day and numerous after shocks including 6.9 and hundreds after wards during last last five days. Thousands lost their lives, thousands trapped inside collapsed buildings/mud houses in villages, thousands wounded. It’s beyond imagination and believes. No words at all.  We can just pray and think for the best.  Thousands and thousands of houses in villages

    have collapsed. Thousands of people lost their beloved life. No calculation for the lost of properties and houses. I am very very sad/shocked that I feared mostly with the situation in Langtang region as it was double troubled by the AVALANCHE from the Langtang Mountain. Lots of unconfirmed news coming  in.  Entire village of Langtang has been covered by snow after the first day of shocks. I fear mostly  with it…..Hundreds of villages (including our children) feared dead including hundreds of tourists at Langtang Valley.  The update news will come after few days as the relief works troubled by rains/bad weather every day. It’s raining and everyone staying outside the open place with fear of life. No one staying at home from the first day. We have been staying at the openplace since the first day ( From Last Saturday). Will write you more and about our children in Langtang after few days..  WE LOVE YOU …. PLS. 

    pray for us…  Sonam Lama


    To donate to the Marshyangdi School please go to:    All monies will go directly to school.

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    Le Dragon de Quintus has Landed in the Saint-Emilion Property

    SAINT EMILION, France, April 30, 2015 /CNW/ – Le Dragon de Quintus is the magical emblem of this outstanding vineyard, as well as the name of Château Quintus’s second wine. It is symbolised by a statue that is both impressive and majestic, in keeping with the mythological figure of the dragon. The statue is mounted on the site of the formerTour de Guet at Quintus.

    The property’s privileged location on a promontory, where a watchtower once stood to ensure the defence of the village of Saint-Emilion, inspired the name of the vineyard. It also reflects the certainty that Quintus has a truly outstanding terroir, a treasure that needs be protected.

    Western myths describe dragons as very intelligent beasts, protectors blessed with tremendous vision. As a guardian of a fabulous terroir, overlooking a panorama that stretches as far as the eye can see, the dragon is a symbol rooted in the estate’s history. It was thus chosen to represent Château Quintus and gave its name to the second wine. A statue of a dragon has now been mounted in the heart of the estate, as if returning to its original habitat.

    Conceived by Prince Robert de Luxembourg, President of Quintus SAS and Domaine Clarence Dillon, and created by renowned animalier sculptor Mark Coreth, Le Dragon de Quintus has descended from the sky in order to watch over the destiny of this estate for all eternity.

    Quintus’s emblem also recalls another heraldic animal dear to Saint-Emilion, the one that features on the shield of the village: a golden leopard brandishing a silver sword.

    Nearly 4 years were necessary in order to breathe life into this Dragon, which by its size makes it one of the biggest bronze sculptures representing this theme: 4.50m in height, more than 6m wide, nearly 3m in length, with a weight of 2 tons. The HVH foundry, located in the small village of Horni Kalna in the beautiful surroundings of East Bohemia, casts bronze sculptures using the lost wax technique. For the size, the shape and the position of its wings, Mark Coreth used his experience as a pilot to imagine them.

    Were it not in bronze, Le Dragon de Quintus could easily take flight.

    “Creating the dragon for Quintus has amounted to four years of adventure, starting slowly with ideas and designs, then developing them towards the finished piece. The dragon was not based on any other image or tradition but from my and Prince Robert’s imagination. I have taken so many of the experiences that I have had while travelling and sculpting wildlife in the field and combined them into one creation.”


    SOURCE Domaine Clarence Dillon

    To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:


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    Grapes for Humanity supports World Education landmine survivor program in Myanmar

    JSI/WEI Photo Library Photo
    Grapes for Humanity’s donation to World Education will support medical expense funds for UXO survivors.
    Humanitarian foundation Grapes for Humanity recently donated $10,000 to World Education’s livelihood program in Myanmar to support medical expense funds for landmine survivors and their families in Kayah State. This support will enable landmine survivors to access funding to pay for the costs of immediate medical care, including follow-up care and services.Eastern Myanmar’s Kayah State, bordering Thailand, continues to be one of the most heavily landmine-impacted areas in the country as the result of decades of conflict. Landmine explosions cause serious injuries, and accident survivors struggle to pay the steep costs of medical care. Complicated surgeries, hospital stays, and follow-up care are expensive and can send the family into a downward economic spiral.World Education’s medical support fund relieves families of financial burdens by covering items like assistive devices, minor surgery/operation costs, shrapnel removal, prosthetics, transportation costs and other medical equipment.  World Education has provided technical assistance and capacity building to local community-based organizations in Myanmar since 2010.

    Since 2006, Grapes for Humanity Global Foundation has generously provided World Education with over $85,000 in donations to support vulnerable communities in Laos and Myanmar (Burma). This long-term partnership has transformed people’s lives, particularly for those affected by landmines and unexploded ordnance. Grapes for Humanity’s support will continue to make a tremendous impact on landmine survivors in eastern Myanmar.

    For more information about Grapes for Humanity, visit their website:

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    World Education Project 2014 Report


    In December 2013 Grapes for Humanity provided World Education Myanmar with $10,000 to assist at least 20 landmine survivors in Kayah and Shan States and Bago Division. This funding specifically provided survivor assistance in the form of livelihood training and small grants ($9,000) and supported the Landmine Survivor Medical Fund ($1,000). In addition World Education staff provided regular follow up support to landmine survivors and their families and established a self-help peer group of landmine survivors and the families of the landmine survivors.


    To read the full report, click here:


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    Looking back on 2014: Projects Funded


    Projects Funded 2014


    Polus Center – Walking Unidos – Nicaragua


    Funding of individual patients for Prosthetic, therapy and follow-up care


    Lavalla School Music Program – Cambodia


    Funding for continuation of Music Program , Instruments, and transportation


    Marshyangdi Boarding School – Nepal


    Funding for programs and supplies at the Boarding School


    Polus Center – Reinsertion Program – Honduras


    Funding for “death train” victims – supplying prosthetics, education and setting up victims with micro businesses to help prevent them from trying again


    Polus Center –– Re-Insertion Program – Honduras (2nd Installment)


    Funding for “Death train” victims


    Lavalla School and Orphanage – Cambodia


    Partial funding of Boys Dormitory with eight rooms and bathrooms plus room for staff supervisor


    Total:  $100,910.00

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