Miguel A. Torres calls for climate solutions

Familia Torres president and honorary GFH co-chair encourages wineries to prioritize climate action, contribute to Rescue the Grapes

We’re honoured to extend a message from Miguel A. Torres of Familia Torres encouraging wineries all over the world to prioritize climate action.

Together with Torres, an honorary GFH Global director, we invite you to contribute to our auction, Rescue the Grapes, in support of climate solutions for the global wine industry.

Funds raised from the 2022 online event, in partnership with Chirstie’s, will go toward established organizations including: @theportoprotocol , @tastingclimatechange and the Climate Adaptation Certificate Program.

Torres is also a founding partner of International Wineries Climate Action which recently released its first annual report: Taking Collective Action to Decarbonize the Global Wine Industry.

We applaud the leadership of this group which Torres co-founded with visionary winemaker Katie Jackson of Jackson Family Wines.